Bespoke Couverture For Chefs

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Bespoke Couverture For Chefs

Okay. Let’s talk couveture.

To begin with, it is a little bit different from ‘regular’ chocolate. The percentage of cocoa butter in couverture is higher than regular chocolate, which makes the chocolate a higher quality – recognizable through a crisp snap and shine. Couverture is therefore perfect for tempering, coating, or dipping any delicious creation.

Messina has been crafting its own chocolate since 2017. Since then, the brand has been producing it for use in its gelatos, cakes, and bakery. However, as with anything this addictive, the popularity of the chocolate grew and Messina decided it was best to share its creation with others and make larger quantities that could be used by chefs, in creations for us to enjoy.

The food service range comes in a 2.5kg format and comprise of a White, Milk and Dark variants. All the couverture recipes are developed in-house and are formulated to provide the best texture and taste chocolate can provide.

The White Chocolate is 45% cocoa butter. What sets this product apart from other regular white chocolate is its reduced use of sugar. Messina uses half the amount of sugar normally required to make white chocolate, meaning that when the creamy goodness hits your tastebuds it’s not ridiculously sweet or overpowering. The chocolate also has a reduced butter fat content, officially making the cocoa butter the hero, just like it should be.

The Milk Chocolate is 44% cocoa. While it remains a sweet chocolate, there is a reduced amount of sugar and no butter fat. In easy terms, that means the chocolate is super creamy, not too sweet and will work beautifully in almost any chocolate dish you can think of.

Finally, we have two Dark Chocolate variants:  65% and 80% Criollo. The specific criollo bean used in this chocolate is produced in Peru and makes up 1% of the world’s cocoa production (so you already know you’re getting a quality product). The criollo bean has low acidity, a rich aroma and is long-lasting. When combined with Messina’s reduced sugar formula, the result is a pure dark chocolate that will make you question where it has been all your life. The 80% variant is similar to the 65% variant, but has been formulated to intensify the unique cocoa flavour of the criollo, with very little sweetness. This chocolate is close to being the purist chocolate on the market, with a very low sugar content and no flavourings.

Messina Couverture is available from Two Providores exclusively and can be purchased through your Key Account Manager, or alternatively, contact customer service.

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