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Passionate about producing the best.

The first Messina store opened in 2002 in Darlinghurst, Sydney and since then, they have become equally obsessed with the quality of the gelato as they are with the origin of the ingredients. So much so that Messina even have our own dairy farm that supplies super creamy jersey milk; arguably the highest quality milk you can get.

Messina don’t just buy the best chocolate they can find, they actually make it themselves using the highest quality single origin Ecuadorian and Australian cacao they can get their hands on.

Milk – Jersey Unhomogenised

Unhomogenised milk from Messina’s Jersey cow herd located in Numurkah in Victoria. This milk is high in cream content and full of flavour making it perfect not only for making Gelato Messina Ice Cream but also for enjoying at home!

Dulce de Leche

A true dulce de leche – made with good quality milk, a little sugar, then slowly simmered until all the moisture content is extracted from the milk. Gelato Messina’s Dulce de Leche is made in house in their Paila machine and it is the ultimate indulgence.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

A rich hazelnut spread that is a blend of Italian hazelnuts and cocoa, mixed to perfection. This house made spread is the richest and most decadent you will find in the Australian market.


Messina have been making their own chocolate since 2017 using single origin cocoa from Ecuador. Forever obsessed with making everything they can themselves to ensure the highest quality, at first, they produced only for use in their gelato, cakes and bakery. After being asked by a few friends in the industry to customise varieties of chocolate to chef’s specific requirements, they embarked on the journey of making chocolate for others, and Messina Couverture was born.

After the recent expansion of their chocolate making facility at Messina HQ in Rosebery into a temperature-controlled room and the installation of a chocolate conche and refiner, the Messina team have been working on new recipes and techniques combining world class single origin cocoa, with the best ingredients found in Australia. Now ready for wholesale exclusively via Two Providores, Messina are producing a core range of 2.5kg calletts.



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