bruny island cheese

Outstanding handmade artisan cow's milk cheese.

In 2003, Nick Haddow started making cheese on Bruny Island, an island off an island on the south coast of Tasmania with a population of only 600 people. It was a crazy place to start a cheese company, but Nick was determined to make it work.

His goal was to create unique, distinctly Tasmanian cheeses. Cheeses that have a strong sense of place and reflect where they come from. Tom was the first cheese made, on 15 November 2003, and is still a cornerstone of our range. Tom is a simple cheese, and yet encapsulates the two things critical to great cheese – fantastic milk, and real maturation techniques.

Milk, more than any other food except perhaps honey, reflects where it comes from. It is an expression of a location, and a moment in time. Turning milk into cheese captures that time and place, and creates cheese that couldn’t be made anywhere else.

Putting the quality of milk first is the reason that we started our small scale, sustainable dairy farm. It was a labour of love to create a farm unlike almost any other dairy farm in Australia, choosing to prioritise ethics, environmental stewardship, animal welfare and flavour. We put a huge effort into creating incredible milk so that we can turn it into incredible cheese.

In the last 20 years, Bruny Island Cheese Co has set the standard for many aspiring and new cheese makers in Australia, including being the first legally recognised producer of raw milk cheese in 2008, when C2 was first made.

Today our cheeses still reflect Nick’s dedication to tradition and quality. For him and Head Cheesemaker, Luke Jackson, cheese making is a pursuit of integrity and flavour.

Made with milk from our own dairy farm and matured using traditional techniques, our range of cheeses reflects the seasonal nature of our Huon Valley dairy farm and our herd of rare breed cows, and show a distinctly Tasmanian character.

Cheese is a natural product, and true artisan cheese should not taste exactly the same every time. There will be variations in flavour profile, colour and texture, but it will always be delicious.



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