Spotlight on: Sourdough

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Spotlight on: Sourdough

If there’s one food that symbolizes the pandemic, it’s sourdough. From professional chefs and amateur bakers to people who’d previously never taken an interest in baking – suddenly it seemed like everyone was sourcing sourdough starter and baking it at home.

For Sam Moussa in particular, sourdough has played an especially significant role over the last two years. When a long-standing career in construction sales was brought to a halt during lockdown, he turned to his passion: food and ingredients, and launched This Is Us in 2020 – an artisan bakehouse and culinary collaboration space specializing in sourdough baked goods.

Sourdough Crumpets and Sourdough English Muffins are the hero offerings – and they’re undoubtedly some of the best we’ve tasted. Handmade in small batches using Australian single origin flour, zero preservatives, and a long-fermented sourdough starter – they’re soft, light, and a far cry from the run-of-the-mill supermarket brands.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel, but we’re most certainly improving it,” says Sam. “We’ve taken a product that’s traditionally mass-produced and are making a version that’s better for you.” And while this “better for you” ethos of course starts with using sourdough (known for its beneficial bacteria and good gut support) it extends further. All ingredients used are sourced with care and consideration. The flour comes directly from the farm to their kitchen, the salt from Olsson’s, Australia’s oldest sea salt maker. Their dough is naturally leavened; and anything that’s over-baked or under-proved is repurposed into sourdough croutons to avoid wastage.

“Now more than ever, people want to know the provenance of their products,” says Sam. “The education aspect is huge…and we want to connect as many people as possible to the source of good food.”

Another brand putting their sourdough expertise to use in an innovative way is Berkelo. Long-time masters of sourdough bread, the team at Berkelo recently partnered with Wholegrain Milling Co. to produce Australia’s very first sourdough pasta. “As our relationship with our sourdough mumma deepened…our respect for the fermentation process became central to the business…[and] we decided to use our sourdough knowledge to create a sourdough pasta,” explains Berkelo founder Tom Edie.

“During the bakery journey, we have been lucky enough to have formed a friendship with Wholegrain Milling Co. Our shared values…has led us to collaborate.”

These shared values include using grains that are certified sustainable, from Australian farmers that focus on soil health and use regenerative farming techniques to support biodiversity and long-term sustainability of the environment. The stone-milled flour is then mixed with Berkelo’s sourdough ‘mumma’ and long fermented before being made into pasta at Berkelo’s purpose-built pasta shed, located next to the Wholegrain Milling Co. mill in Gunnedah.

Two Providores are delighted to supply This Is Us Sourdough Crumpets and Sourdough English Muffins, and Berkelo Sourdough Pasta alongside other great sourdough brands. For more information click on the links above or please get in touch.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and waters of Australia, and pay respect to all elders - past, present and emerging.